Friday, October 27, 2006

Time to go home guy's

Friday, August 11, 2006

And another proof that creationism must, absolutly must, be right.

“Americans aren’t
gullible enough to
believe that they
came from a fish.”

Creationist John Morris on a new
Museum of Creationism in Kentucky.

Yeah, there you go, with that argument you turned me over. And Iraq is a success story. I wish Americans would not be that gullible with their politicians.
“Today, with all the
pollution, you cannot
get cleaner water than
melted ice-cap water.”

Salik Haard promotes his new beer,
made with water from Greenland’s
shrinking glaciers.

Please, do not let the Germans hear that, otherwise Greenland will be green all year long.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Get it before it's becoming cold!

And another one who tries to get his pension together. One can make a fuss out of everything. In my opinion BBQ is like the german beer purity law. The 4 things you need are:


Not necessaryly in that order.

Friday, August 04, 2006


“We need to turn
scientists back into the
rock stars they are.”

Morgan Spurlock is making a movie
of The Republican War on Science.

Although, I doubt it will work. After all we still go to McDonald's.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Journal Club 01-08-06

Patients with sepsis or non-infectious inflammation such as resuscitation after cardiac arrest (RCA) show leukocytes with reduced capacity to produce cytokines including TNF in response to numerous stimuli such as IL-1, LPS and Pam3Cys. To investigate this phenomenon Adib-Conquy et al. examined monocytes from sepsis patients and patients with RCA (Up-regulation of MyD88s and SIGIRR, molecules inhibiting Toll-like receptor signaling, in monocytes from septic patients*Adib-Conquy M, Adrie C, Fitting C, Gattolliat O, Beyaert R, Cavaillon JM. Crit Care Med. 2006 Jul 17; [Epub ahead of print]). Overall, septic patients showed a lower production of the pro-inflammatory mediator TNF and a higher production of anti-inflammatory IL-10 in response to LPS and Pam3Cys. Further investigation of known TLR signalling modulators showed that MyD88s and SIGIRR are expressed at higher levels in septic patients compared to healthy controls. Therefore, the tolerance observed might be due to the up-regulation of these proteins. To examine if MyD88s and SIGIRR are able to inhibit IL-1beta, LPS and Pam3Cys signalling the authors performed NFkappaB luciferase assays in HEK293 cells. Those showed an inhibition of those stimuli by MyD88s and a inhibition of TLR4 and IL-1 signalling by SIGIRR. The authors conclude that the enhanced expression of SIGIRR and MyD88s in septic patients might correlate with reduced responsiveness to LPS and Pam3Cys. While in RCA patients only SIGIRR is up-regulated which therefore correlates with the normal responsiveness to Pam3Cys.

What is definitely missing in this study are the protein levels of MyD88s and SIGIRR, as everyone knows that mRNA levels do not allow conclusions on protein levels. However, those are the ones that matter. Most likely, this shortcoming is due to the lack of functioning antibodies.
Also, monocytes might be an interesting starting point to look at, however, especially in case of SIGIRR a closer look at macrophages and dendritic cells is necessary as SIGIRR shows a restricted expression pattern in those cell types.
Furthermore, the inhibition of TLR4 and IL-1 but not TLR2 signalling by SIGIRR obtained in HEK293 cells are not very impressive even at higher concentrations compared to MyD88s. And therefore it is difficult to draw any conclusions from those experiments regarding the specificity of SIGIRR inhibition.

Oh, and by the way congratulations to the Swiss as they celebrate their national holiday today!

Friday, July 28, 2006

Cheers Steve!

That was nearly as good as Sabina Park 2004 (7 for 12)

“Danger! Water
contains high levels
of hydrogen.”

Officials in Louisville, Kentucky, post
signs to discourage residents from
playing in the city’s fountains.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Nochdem mer soviel üba d´Olma g´schnurret henn muäs ech natürlich d´Cervelat nit z´churz chumma lo.


Gurten 2006 "Show No Mercy!"

"nämet Sie sich d'Olmer Brotwurscht usem Arsch un los gohts"

LemmyKilmister; Motörhead "No sleep till Hammersmith!!"